Tathra (NSW)

About Tathra

Until the late 1940s – early 1950s the major form of transportation along the New South Wales South Coast was ferry and passenger steamer. There was a daisy chain of reliable all weather wharves where the ships would berth, deliver and pick up goods and passengers, before sailing further up or down the coast. Tathra is now historically significant because it is the only one of the original coastal steamer wharves remaining. It is a reminder of a time when the sea was the main transport highway up and down the South Coast.

Today Tathra is a quiet holiday destination offering fishing, surfing, swimming and sailboarding on the 3 km-long Tathra Beach while Mongareeka Inlet, the wide sandy mouth of the Bega River, has boat-launching ramps and offers water-skiing, windsurfing and excellent prawning in season. (sourced from the Aussie Towns website Рclick for more).

Tathra Caravan Park

We left Ulladulla for Tathra (maplink) for 3 days at Tathra Beachside Caravan Park (owned by Frankie J Holden).

We stayed here in 2015 and loved it; so just had to call in to see how it had recovered after the devastating bushfires in March 2018. The caravan park was only slightly damaged but 69 properties were destroyed with 398 being saved or untouched.

We did some exploring, finding…

  • the old Tathra Wharf, which we fished off with the kids about 25 years ago. It looks exactly the same as it did back then
  • a beautiful cove called Kianinny Boat Ramp, which was very serene
  • Merimbula for lunch at the old Merimbula Wharf followed by a cuppa at the Bar Beach Cafe overlooking the Boggy Creek estuary

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