Marlo & Cape Conran (Vic)

About Marlo

Marlo is a sleepy seaside town perched about 90 m above sea level on a headland overlooking the flood plain and estuary of the Snowy River. The town is surrounding by unspoilt waterways and beaches, rich river flats which are ideal for cattle grazing, and sheltered estuarine waters which produce some of the best perch and bream fishing in Australia. Marlo is known as an ideal destination for bushwalking, bird-watching, remote beaches and water-based activities.

The peacefulness and beauty of the area has inspired writers with one, in 1886, insisting that “Nothing can be lovelier than the early morning at Marlo, with sea, and sky, and land glowing in the tints of recent dawning …” and another eulogising that “Marlo is one of these peaceful, out-of-the-way places, where nerves and worries, and the disappointments of cities may be curbed or forgotten. The little seaside hamlet is perched on the side of a scrubby hill, where the shingled roofs of a few old bush cottages, and a hotel, give just the necessary touch of habitation.” (sourced from the Aussie¬†Towns website – click for more).

Marlo Caravan Park

We selected Marlo as the last stop of our trip (maplink) as we had not been there before and had heard so many good stories about it, so booked into the Marlo Ocean Views Caravan Park for 3 nights.

First thing we discovered upon arrival was the welcoming party of millions of mosquitoes. It was real bad, with plenty of “deet” filled spraying of exposed body parts. Marlo is at the mouth of the mighty Snowy River and the estuary opening had just been opened; 1st time in about 8 months. The backup of fresh water in the estuary was apparently the cause of the mozzie plague.

Took a drive out to Cape Conran Coastal Park to check it out. A beautiful place with some a nature walk along the coastline at Sailors Grave (maplink). The boat ramp at Salmon Rocks (maplink) was a pretty dangerous looking spot with heaps of massive kelp over the jetty and beach.

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