Mallacoota VIC

About Mallacoota

Mallacoota is a quiet seaside holiday village which is surrounded by the 87,500 ha Croajingolong National Park with its 100 km of undeveloped coastline. The small town lies in the heart of a genuine wilderness coast. It is a village which seems to have been specifically created for campers and caravan holiday makers with the main foreshore between Captain Stevenson’s Point and Coull’s Inlet being a wonderfully extended caravan park. There is a great sense of laziness and peacefulness about the town with anglers in tinnies plying the quiet waters, campers relaxing and enjoying the views and the admirably named Bottom Lake and Top Lake being unspoiled places of great tranquility.

The poet and journalist, E.J. Brady moved to Mallacoota after World War I. He played host to Henry Lawson and other literary and artistic luminaries and has left us with a seductive description of the sunset over Mallacoota Inlet: “I have never seen anything in Australia to equal some sunsets that have held me spellbound in Mallacoota.

Picture a perfectly still sheet of water, three or four miles in width, with a number of little islets clustered in one corner, covered by green coast-currant and honeysuckle, with billowing ranges at the opposite margin; the Pacific Ocean spreading its blue floors eastward, and purple hills and peaks over in the west, where the sun is radiating bands of colour towards the zenith, green, blue, vermilion, and a hundred intermediate shades of rose and yellow!” The surrounding countryside is still that beautiful (sourced from the Aussie¬†Towns website – click for more).

Mallacoota Caravan Park

The next stage of our Bailey caravan “Mountains, Rivers & Seaside” journey took us to the lovely seaside town of Mallacoota (maplink). It was a windy road in with the Bailey’s bunching up a bit on the road.

Booking into the Mallacoota Foreshore Holiday Park saw our 18 Baileys + 1 settle in for 2 days.

The caravan park was quite full and we were pushed up the back which was a shame as we didn’t have water views but there were plenty of local kangaroos around to take our interest.

A cruise on the lake

We were booked into a cruise on the MV Loch-Ard which is a timber motor vessel over 110 years old. This was a very leisurely (10knots) cruise across the lake checking out Allen Head and the historical Fairhaven buildings; feeding some Sea Eagles along the way.

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